brett 4.1

Project Breakdown:

  • 6 Classrooms
  • 1 Electrical System
  • Classroom Tools (desks, chairs, whiteboard)
  • Total Project Cost – $118,000

School Statistics:

  • 1258 Kids
  • 31 Teachers
  • Grades: K-12

Community Statistics:

  • 640 Families
  • 4 Kids Per Family
  • Avg Salary: $132/month


14304355327_52f6df9710_o_1  14489670194_d6005d68f1_o_2
Brett #4 School Before

DSCN9719_4  IMG_0128_3
Brett #4 School After

Brett B. Crawford School #4
Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

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The Need: In April of 2014, the Bella Cruz School was destroyed by a strong earthquake. A 6-classroom structure was completely flattened and hundreds of students were forced to learn outside under the trees.  The community banded together to build makeshift structures out of medal and wood for the children to learn under.

The Ministry of Education in Nicaragua contacted SchoolBOX to help with the emergency construction efforts. SchoolBOX was more than happy to help, as the need for a safe and secure classroom was so great in this community.

Stories from the Build: The entire SchoolBOX team was overwhelmed by the support of the students, teachers and parents from within the community. Everyone volunteered and helped with the construction efforts. Parents offered the SchoolBOX team food and drinks.  Teachers and students would help volunteer after classes and on weekends.

A group of secondary students at the school helped package educational supplies for all of our partner schools during their Easter holiday. They showed great enthusiasm and generosity by donating their vacation time towards promoting basic education in Nicaragua.

The Finished Product: In November of 2015, the finishing touches were put on the the 6 classroom Brett #4 School. Students, teachers and parents screamed with joy as their new school was inaugurated. As they streamed into the classrooms, some children were seen with tears in their eyes.

Support from the Ministry of Education and Municipality: The Ministry of Education donated all of the roofing material for the 6 classrooms and the Municipality of Ciudad Sandino provided all of the heavy machinery to prepare the land and to help demolish the old structure. SchoolBOX was so proud of to collaborate with these two entities in the construction of the bright and beautiful school.