Masaya, Nicaragua

Project Breakdown:

  • 4 Classrooms
  • 3 Washrooms
  • 1 Playing Field
  • Classroom Tools (desks, chairs, whiteboard)
  • Total Project Cost – $83,000

School Statistics:

  • 108 Kids
  • 4 Teachers
  • Grades: K-6

Community Statistics:

  • 95 Families
  • 3.75 Kids Per Family
  • Avg Salary: $140/month

Brett B. Crawford School #3
Masaya, Nicaragua

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Jardines de Apoyo is an extremely poor community located 25 minutes from Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. Most of the residents were relocated to the village after a landslide had destroyed their homes.

Parents work long hours for low wages at clothing factories, and often rely on subsistence farming to put food on the table. 80% of children live with single parents.

The current school has been there for 10 years and resembles a village of tents and shed-like structures. 108 students attend the school. Land for the new school has been donated to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education. The land is big enough to accomodate classrooms and a sports area for children to play.

A new school will attract other children in the community that have previously stayed home because of the poor conditions. The new school will give the children a safe place to recieve classes and play.

We can make a difference! The entire Jardines de Apoyo community knows that the current school is not suitable and they eagerly await a new school for students to learn and play.

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